IDEA –> RESEARCH –> OUTLINE –> WRITTEN COAn outline is the 'roadmap' to a well-written piece of contentNTENT

Today, more than ever, written content must be clear, concise, AND engaging to break through the crowded media marketplace, and to connect with audiences. Engaging content helps brands and organizations build long-term relationships with their consumers. Is your content connecting with your audience? If not, let’s chat.



As a writer and editor, I know the importance of clear, polished communications. Your content reflects you and/or your business. My goal is to make you look good. I do this by first learning and understanding the purpose of your content before writing anything. Is this piece meant to inform, entertain, inspire, or educate? What is the best platform to share this content? These questions will help determine the type of content (article, script, research report, etc.) needed.

I have 18+ years of experience writing and editing a variety of content for small businesses, government agencies, professors, authors, and screenwriters. The content has covered a wide range of topics and industries. I also teach Creative Writing to middle-grade students and worked as a Story Mentor to first-time screenwriters and novelists. Please email me to learn more about my experience and/or to inquire about booking a workshop.




Story Mentor/Creative Writing Instructor

Articles & Blog Posts Create a Story Roadmap
Content for Web & Mobile Sites  Understand the “Building Blocks” 
Marketing Materials (Press Releases, Brochures, Flyers) Help with Writer’s Block
Speeches Feedback
Podcast & Video/Web Series Scripts  


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