Story Mentor (aka Writing Coach)



Overwhelmed by all the online information and how-to guides on how to write a book or screenplay? Not sure which workshop or webinar to sign up for? Wish you could sit down with one person, in a relaxed environment, and learn how to tell a story? Someone you could bounce ideas off of and have them help you organize those thoughts into a solid “framework” (aka outline or beat sheet) on which to build your cohesive tale? Well, you’ve found her.

As a Story Mentor (aka Writing Coach), I work with you to help you develop your story. I guide you through the idea phase to help you create a “road map” (i.e. outline for a book, beat sheet for a screenplay/television script) of your story and then serve as moral support answering any questions you have as you write your first draft. Along the way, you will learn more about the “building blocks” (e.g. character development, plot, structure, theme, voice, etc.) used to create you tale. You also work on finding your voice and honing your writing skills. So, are you ready to get to work?

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