Content Editing

Yeah!! Your first draft is done. Congratulations. Now time for the hard stuff – a content edit aka Developmental Edit. A what? A Developmental Edit. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

A Developmental Edit provides a thorough review of your story’s elements to see what is and is not working with your story. It then provides detailed feedback on how to strengthen your story’s weaknesses. Elements it focuses on include:

  • character development and voice
  • plot structure
  • gaps in the story
  • story pacing
  • point of view and dialogue
  • scene structure
  • continuity
  • theme(s) and genre


So now that you know what a content edit (aka Developmental Edit) is, ready to find out what is and is not working with your story?

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*IMPORTANT NOTE: Working with an Editor does not guarantee that your story will be acquired. Several factors go into deciding what articles, short stories or novels to acquire and screenplays to option.