About Me

Hi. My name is Marian Mangoubi. I’m a former Integrated Marketer  turned Story Mentor (aka Writing Coach) and Editor. Stories have always been a big part of my life since childhood. Happens when you come from a large Irish Catholic family. 😉 I love writing stories, but a traditional MFA program was too limiting. So I designed my own DIY MFA program that comprised creative writing, fiction, and screenwriting. This allowed me to hone my writing, editing, and video production skills while working to bring stories to life for various media platforms. I now work with new and experienced authors and screenwriters to do the same.Want to work with me? Let's Chat

logo-4-2x4Some Interesting Facts About Me

  • I have a cross section of experience including politics and film and television production. I have written and edited articles, short stories, documentary scripts, and screenplays.
  • I created an online media site that focused on women leaders in various industries. The mission was to shine a light on female role models for young girls.
  • As part of a large Irish family (one of ~100 grandkids), stories and storytelling played a central role at every family gathering.
  • I am a Midwestern gal who is always on the hunt for a good story. I particularly like political thrillers, historical fiction, drama (think Shonda Rhimes), and kidlit that has a hint of a mystery in it.

     Let’s create your story.